Synthesizer output

Nov '05
sequence 30
sequence 26
sequence 19

Mar '05
03/26/2005 02:24a 275,739,180 esq-rect.wav
03/29/2005 04:33p 41,440,720 esq-rect4.wav
03/30/2005 11:43p 468,710,520 esq-rect=1.wav
04/03/2005 06:50a 54,959,912 esq1 mic sound tests.wav

Jan '05
sequence 2

Ensoniq ESQ-1 synthesizer output
At the end of 2004, I downloaded new sound definitions for the ESQ-1 (and loaded them by MIDI message). I was impressed by the Transoniq Hacker sounds, especially one which had the mod wheel (user input wheel) set to modulate the frequency of a synched oscillator, an effect I had not before encountered on the ESQ-1. Inspired by that I proceeded to get into synthesizing new sounds on the instrument, demonstrated in the March and November output above.